Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly relevant in the modern world where everything is
driven by data and automation. It is used extensively across many fields such as image
recognition, robotics, search engines, and self-driving cars. In this book, we will explore various
real-world scenarios. We will understand what algorithms to use in a given context and write
functional code using this exciting book.
We will start by talking about various realms of artificial intelligence. We’ll then move on to
discuss more complex algorithms, such as Extremely Random Forests, Hidden Markov Models,
Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, and Convolutional Neural Networks, and so on.
This book is for Python programmers looking to use artificial intelligence algorithms to create
real-world applications. This book is friendly to Python beginners, but familiarity with Python
programming would certainly be helpful so you can play around with the code. It is also useful
to experienced Python programmers who are looking to implement artificial intelligence
You will learn how to make informed decisions about the type of algorithms you need to use
and how to implement those algorithms to get the best possible results. If you want to build
versatile applications that can make sense of images, text, speech, or some other form of data,
this book on artificial intelligence will definitely come to your rescue!