The purpose of this book is to convey vital knowledge about application security to
developers working on the Android platform, to enable the development of robust,
rugged, and more secure applications.
While application security knowledge and skills have matured rapidly over the past
couple of years, that knowledge is still scattered in a huge number of diverse locations.
As of now, no single resource has existed that a developer with some experience in

developing Android applications could turn to in order to understand the more im-
portant topics within the application security space and to find guidance on how to

make their applications more secure. If you are such a developer, you’ll find the key
points of application security that you need to know to develop secure applications laid
out in a succinct and actionable manner. If you are an experienced security engineer or
practitioner, you’ll find a summary of the unique characteristics of Android that you

need to know to work within this environment. In short, this book enables the devel-
opment of secure applications for the Android platform, whatever your background.