I want to acknowledge the Innovation Pavilion and their incubator program for making me
a part of something that brings new ideas and products to the world, making it a better
place. And I especially want to point out Lindsey Finklang, who provided me with many
opportunities to present my work before hundreds of people and get valuable feedback.
Many thanks go to Colorado Dancesport, my home away from home where I can become
someone else for several hours each week, and to the instructors, and my friends, who
make it happen: Faith, Harmony, Mitch, Robert, and, yes, even Scott.
I also want to acknowledge Children’s Hospital Colorado and the Center for Gait and
Movement Analysis, who have been so generous with letting me be a part of understanding
the significance of what they do for young adults with Cerebral Palsy and other gait
disorders; the understanding I’ve gained drives me to focus efforts to help the many who
truly need it.
More thanks go to the clients and friends of Global Tek Labs who so generously allowed me
to include some of their projects in this book for illustrative purposes, and to the hundreds of
people who have attended my talks over the past year and have given me ideas for what to
include, such as John Haley, who told me of his personal woes in understanding Auto Layout
in Xcode—those actual experiences helped drive the subject matter I chose to include.
Finally, I want to acknowledge all the authors before me who set the stage for my own little
work to fit into a much broader landscape.