This book wouldn’t have been possible without the input and support from the amaz-
ing AngularJS community. I want to thank Brad Green, Igor Minar, Miško Hevery, Brian

Ford, and Matias Niemela for their friendship and for setting such a great example of

what it looks like to build awesome things. I would also like to thank Jeff Whelpley, Bran-
don Tilley, Omar Gonzalez, Martin Gontovnikas, Joe Eames, and about a hundred

other people for their feedback. They helped me craft Angello and the book that’s built

around it. I would also like to thank Geoff Goodman for his contributions on the awe-
some drag-and-drop example. And I owe Jonathan Garvey a huge debt of gratitude for

helping me get this book over the finish line. You are holding this book right now
because of his help and tough love. Special thanks to Martin for penning the foreword
to the book, and to Brian for his contributions at the beginning of the project.
I especially want to thank my saint of an editor, Cynthia Kane, for her infinite
patience, for helping me to become a better writer, and for sometimes nudging me to

do things I didn’t want to do—like write! Thanks also to everyone else on the Man-
ning team who worked with me during the development and production of the book.

Many people read early drafts of the manuscript and sent in corrections and com-
ments as it was being written, including numerous MEAP (Manning Early Access Pro-
gram) readers, as well as the following reviewers: Ahmed Khattab, Brian Cooksey,

Chad Davis, Daniel Bretoi, Fernando Monteiro Kobayashi, Gregor Zurowski, Jeelani
Shaik, Jeff Condal, Jeff Cunningham, Richard Scott-Robinson, Robert Casto, Roberto

Rojas, and William E. Wheeler. Thanks to all, with a special acknowledgment to tech-
nical proofreader Richard Scott-Robinson, who checked the code and read the manu-
script one last time, shortly before it went into production.