I always had a thing for the less traveled roads and it reflects itself in
this book, Angular Services, as well. When it is about showing the power
of front-end frameworks, there are tons of tutorials and contents on how
to build To-Do list applications, or time trackers, or any other use cases
and path ways which has been explored, explained and exhausted
What I've aimed for in this book is slightly different. Yes, the subject still
Angular Services and we learn about all Angular framework features
along the way, but the vehicle is a Machine Learning flavored
application called 'The Sherlock Project' which explores:
Reactive eXtension (rx.js) and observable objects
The importance of a good Model
The HTTP requests and how Angular Http module or third party
libraries handle it
The 3 way data-binding offered by the modern noSQL database:
Firebase Realtime Database
Data visualization provided by VizJS