No prior knowledge of Angular is required in order to read this book. You do need an understanding of
HTML (how to use basic elements) and some knowledge of JavaScript. Chapter 6 contains Node-related
code samples, which does require some background knowledge to understand the material. Chapter 7
contains code samples that combine Angular with Redux and GraphQL, which are more advanced topics.
However, these two chapters can be omitted if you want to focus on “core” concepts in Angular. If you
encounter concepts that are unfamiliar, in many cases you can learn them by reading one of the many
online tutorials that explain those concepts.
Please keep in mind that there is always a trade-off between the depth and breadth of the explanation
of the technical details of the code samples, as well as the type (and number) of samples to include in a
short book. This book is inclined toward breadth rather than depth vis-à-vis the code samples.
Consequently, some topics (such as testing) have been omitted, and other topics (ES6 and TypeScript) are
barely covered, on an “as-needed” basis at best. As a result, sometimes you need to look elsewhere for
more detailed information about the technical “bits” in the code samples, such as the ES6 methods map()
and filter(), or an in-depth explanation of Observables and Promises.
If you want to be sure that you can grasp the material in this book, glance through some of the code
samples to get an idea of how much is familiar to you and how much is new for you.