About This Book
Please don’t read this book from cover to cover. This book is a reference. It’s designed to be used
as you need it. Look up a topic in the table of contents or the index. Find something about your
tablet that vexes you or something you’re curious about. Look up the answer, and get on with your
The overall idea for this book is to show how things are done on the Android tablet and to help
you enjoy the device without overwhelming you with information or intimidating you into despair.
Sample sections in this book include
Unlocking the tablet
Activating voice input
Importing contacts from your computer
Adding more email accounts
Running Facebook on your tablet
Placing a Hangouts phone call
Helping others find your location
Renting or purchasing movies and TV shows
Flying with an Android tablet
You have nothing to memorize, no sacred utterances or animal sacrifices, and definitely no
PowerPoint presentations. Instead, every section explains a topic as though it’s the first thing
you’ve read in this book. Nothing is assumed, and everything is cross-referenced. Technical terms

and topics, when they come up, are neatly shoved to the side, where they’re easily avoided. The
idea here isn’t to learn anything. My philosophy while writing this book was to help you look it up,
figure it out, and get on with your life.