the PACe oF AnDroiD DeveLoPMent has been fast and furious. Within a short time span of a few
years, Android has matured into a stable platform, rivaling that of its main competitor, iOS. At the

time of writing, the latest version of Android is 4.1 (aka Jelly Bean). Android 4.1 runs on both smart-
phones and tablets, making it the platform of choice for many developers.

This book was born out of the many frustrations I have had when developing Android applications.
It is often the case that you just need a quick snapshot showing how to do a certain task, and a code
snippet would be a quick ix. However, a trip to the oficial Android documentation often caused
more confusion than help, as the code samples are not always complete. Hence, this book aims to
ill the void by providing standalone examples that you can quickly “embrace and extend.”
Each recipe tackles a problem that you might face in your daily life as an Android developer —

whether it’s as minor as using a Button view or as involved as implementing a Master-Detail appli-
cation using fragments. You can read this book from the irst recipe until the last recipe, or you can

turn directly to the recipes that interest you most.