This book is sectioned into five parts and has ten chapters.
Part I provides an introduction to wearable computing including background, history,
and theory. It covers diverse topics and concepts some of which potentially influence
wearable application and interaction design.
Part II covers the Android platform from the ground up including its relationships with

Linux and Java. It also covers the setting up of Android 5 (Lollipop) development envi-
ronment using the new Android build system and Android Studio 1.0. It also covers the

topics of interdevice communication and device discovery in a multidevice world.
Part III covers the Android Wear platform and API, as well as the setting up of an
Android Wear device for writing Android Wear Apps.
Part IV covers the Google Fit platform and API, including setting up of a fitness sensor
device for writing Google Fit Apps.
Part V provides a brief overview of some areas of applicability of wearable technology.