Chapter 1, Introducing the Android UI, explains why designing and developing an effective UI
is essential to the success of your app.
Chapter 2 , What Goes into an Effective UI?, teaches you how to master the building blocks of
every Android UI: layouts and views. Learn how to create and style common UI
components including text, images, and buttons.
Chapter 3 , Expanding your UI – Fragments, Resources, and Gathering User Input, helps you take
your UI to the next level using arrays, dimensions, state lists, and 9-patch images. Using
fragments, you'll learn how to create a flexible UI that reacts to the user's specific screen
Chapter 4 , Getting Started with Material Design, teaches you how to master Google's new
design principles and delight your users with a UI that feels like a seamless extension of the
Android operating system.
Chapter 5 , Turning Your Bright Idea into a Detailed Sketch, helps you become a design-minded
developer by introducing roadmaps, flowcharts, screen lists, and screen maps to your
Android app "To Do" list.
Chapter 6 , Turning Your Sketches into Wireframes, shows you how to transform the high-level
plans from the previous chapter into detailed screen designs using paper prototypes and
Chapter 7 , Building a Prototype, put your plan to the test! By the end of this chapter, you'll
have created a complete digital prototype.
Chapter 8 , Reaching a Wider Audience – Supporting Multiple Devices, teaches you how to
attract a wider audience with an app that supports a wide range of hardware, software,
screen sizes, screen densities, orientations, versions of the Android platform, and even
different languages.
Chapter 9 , Optimizing Your UI, shows you how to create a smooth and responsive UI that
people will love using. If your app is laggy, prone to crashing, gobbles up data and
memory, or drains the user's battery, then no one is going to want to use it!
Chapter 10, Best Practices and Securing Your Application, guides you through putting the
finishing touches to your UI, including using notifications from the upcoming Android N