Each chapter in the book follows a consistent structure which includes:
 Project(s) Summary
 Detailed Section(s)
Each chapter includes several detailed sections. The detailed sections
will explain the concepts to be implemented. In many cases the detailed
sections explain the different approaches available in Android, and
which one might be best depending on your app requirements.
Each Android Project in a chapter will be included within a detailed
section and will include:
 App introduction
 App screenshot
 Project setup and app overview
 Technical description of how the app works, including the key
code. Not all of the code is reproduced in this book. Typically only
the key code is presented. Readers are encouraged to download and
view the full project source code to see the complete working
The reference section is included at the end of each chapter. It is broken
into sub sections based on the chapter contents. The reference section
includes URL links to related technical information.