We wrote Android on x86: an Introduction to Optimizing for Intel® Architecture to
provide a one-stop, detailed resource for the topic’s best practices and procedures.
The book encompasses the installation issues, hardware optimization issues, software
requirements, programming tasks, and performance optimizations that emerge when you
consider programming for x86-based Android devices. Having worked on related projects
ourselves, we committed to collecting our experience and information into one book
which could be used as a guide through any project’s specific requirements. We dove into
fine-tuned optimizations, native code adjustments, hardware acceleration, and advanced
profiling of multimedia applications.
The book is not dedicated solely to code, although you’ll find plenty of code samples
and case studies inside. Instead, we’ve filled Android on x86 with the information you
need in order to take advantage of the x86 architectures. We will guide you through
installing the Android Software Development Kit for Intel Architectures, help you
understand the differences and similarities between the processors available for
commercial Android devices, teach you to create and port applications, debug existing
x86 applications, offer solutions for NDK and C++ optimizations, and introduce the
Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager. The information we’ve pulled together
provides the most useful help for getting your development job done quickly and well.