Writing a third edition of Android in Action feels somewhat like the old saying about
weddings: “Something old, something new...” The deadlines for the third edition did
not become any easier as at last count there are still only 24 hours in the day. And as
for something new—it seems as though Android’s pace of innovation is continuing to

match its adoption rate by mobile users around the globe. Like the two earlier edi-
tions, Android in Action, Third Edition represents a collaboration between a number of

contributors. I had the privilege of working again with Robi Sen and Chris King, who
worked with me on the second edition. C. Enrique Ortiz joined us to contribute the
tablet content. Once again the talented team at Manning have labored to bring about
this edition.
In particular, we’d like to acknowledge and thank everyone at Manning. First,
thanks to Troy Mott, our acquisition and development editor, who has been involved
in every aspect of now three editions of this project—congratulations, Troy, on your
hat-trick! Bob Herbstman did all the big and little things to bring the project together;
Mary Piergies skillfully piloted the team through the harrowing production process;
and Marjan Bace, our publisher, showed an attention to detail at once challenging,
beneficial, and appreciated.
Once the writing was finished, the next round of work began. Special thanks need

to go to Benjamin Berg, who performed the preproduction editing pass; Tiffany Tay-
lor, who did the second copyediting pass and helped us bring the final pieces of the

project together; and finally Dottie Marsico, who handled the actual layout of the
pages. It’s sometimes hard to envision the final product when looking at edits upon
edits in MS Word, but Dottie’s magic made the product you hold in your hands.