Welcome to Learning Java by Building Android Games, which I hope is just the
beginning of your exciting journey into designing and writing games. By the
end of this book, we will have made four complete games: a math quiz with
dynamically increasing difficulty, a memory game in the style of the classic
Simon toy, a pong-style squash game, and a clone of the classic Snake game.
Besides these games, we will build more than a dozen working apps to practice and
demonstrate individual concepts to aid our learning of Java, Android, and games.
Our games and apps will feature sound FX, graphics, and animations. We will learn
everything from using the standard Android User Interface (UI) designer to creating
smooth animations by plotting individual pixels.
Although I will encourage you to work with me and implement the specific projects
that are detailed step by step throughout the book, I fully expect that once you grasp
the different concepts, you will want to use them in your own unique creations
without delay. This is exactly what I hope you will be inspired to do.
The game projects themselves are not the objective of the book but the means to a
much loftier goal. By the end of the book, you will be able to design and implement
your own 2D Android games, to sell or just to give away, on Google Play.