This book starts with the basics of Android development, including how to set up an
environment. It takes you through the importance of creating a proper development flow and
adding testing to your app to make sure your code performs and behaves the way you expect.
It continues step by step through the various pieces and parts that make up the Android
framework. This includes how applications are structured, using widgets and components, and
learning how to use and create views.
You are then introduced to application design paradigms and learn how to make sure you
are creating an app that you can manage and update easily. This includes adding media and
network connections that will not end up wasting precious battery power and giving users the
most accurate and up-to-date information possible.
Optional hardware components, Android Wear, and Android TV are also covered later in this
book to expose you to taking your app to the next level and exploring new opportunities. As
Android finds itself being included in more devices, you’ll understand how and why it is in
your best interest to provide apps to users who invest in these platforms.