The Android OS is currently the most popular operating system in the world. The Android OS runs on
everything from smartwatches to HD smartphones to touchscreen tablets to ebook readers to game
consoles to smartglasses to ultra-high definition interactive television sets!
There are even more types of consumer electronics devices—such as those found in automotive,
home appliance, security, robotics, photography, industrial and home automation markets—that are
adopting the open source Android OS as their platform as time goes on. This book will show you
how to develop applications for these new device type verticals as they emerge into the market.
Since there are literally billions of Android consumer electronics devices owned by billions of people
all over the world, it stands to reason that developing great Android applications for all these people
might be an extremely lucrative undertaking, assuming that you have the right concept and design.
This book will help you go a long way toward learning how to develop Android applications that will
run across all types of Android-compatible consumer electronics devices, and across all popular
versions of the Android OS, most recently the 32-bit Android 4 OS and the new 64-bit Android 5 OS.
Developing an Android application that works well across all of these types of consumer electronics
devices requires a very specific work process, which I cover in this book.
I wrote Android Apps for Absolute Beginners, Third Edition from scratch, targeting those readers
who are absolute beginners to Android yet are technically savvy, but who are not familiar with
computer programming concepts and techniques.
Since 32-bit Android is currently using Version 4.4.4, this book will be more advanced than Android
Apps for Absolute Beginners, First Edition, when Android OS Version 1.5 was released by Google for
smartphones, or Android Apps for Absolute Beginners, Second Edition, when Android OS Version
3.0 was released for tablets. Since then, five revisions of the 32-bit Android OS Version 4.x have
been released, including 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4, targeting all new iTV set and game console