Augmented Reality is not a
new technology, but its use
has been seen by the public
since the advent of the
Pokemon GO, which shows
that the AR technology has a
great potential. In addition to
the Pokemon GO,
technologies, such as the
Google Tango and Microsoft
HoloLens, also are at the

forefront of the AR.
"Augmented" means to make
something more complicated
by adding something to
something. "Reality" is a state
of things as they actually exist.
For example, a camera scene
is complemented by the
Android 3D logo at the top.
Keep in mind that the
augmented reality is not only
limited to an image, it is also
possible to add sound and

other sensory enhancements.
Augmented reality (AR) puts
pieces of the virtual world to
the real world (as opposed to
the virtual reality (VR) that
replaces the real world by a
virtual world).