Android 6 will primarily focus on improving the overall user experience, and it will bring
in a few features, such as a redesigned permission model in which applications are no
longer automatically granted all of their specified permissions at the time of installation,
the Doze power scheme for extended battery life when a device is not manipulated by the
user, and native support for fingerprint recognition.
If you’re already an Android developer, you’re only a few steps away from being able to
use your existing development experience to reach your users wherever or whenever they
want or need your app.
As a professional Android developer, you have to create production-ready apps for your
users. This book will give you what it takes to ship polished apps as part of a development
team at a company, an independent app developer, or just as a programmer using Android
development best practices.
By the end of the book, you’ll be able to identify critical areas for improvement in an app
and implement the necessary changes and refinements to ensure it meets Android’s Core
App Guidelines prior to shipping.