Ongoing advances in computational power (per Moore's Law) have begun to make machine learning, once
mostly a research discipline, more viable in commercial contexts. This has caused an explosion of new
applications and new or rediscovered techniques, catapulting the obscure concepts of data science, AI,
and machine learning into the public consciousness and strategic planning of companies internationally.
The rapid development of machine learning applications is fueled by an ongoing struggle to continually
innovate, playing out at an array of research labs. The techniques developed by these pioneers are seeding
new application areas and experiencing growing public awareness. While some of the innovations sought
in AI and applied machine learning are still elusively far from readiness, others are a reality. Self-driving
cars, sophisticated image recognition and altering capability, ever-greater strides in genetics research,
and perhaps most pervasively of all, increasingly tailored content in our digital stores, e-mail inboxes,
and online lives.