First, it is about three things and pretty much three things only: free-form RPG, Integrated Language
Environment (ILE), and Model-View-Controller (MVC). If anything else is covered, it was more or less
an accident, and I apologize.
Second, I am going to try to make this as practical as possible, and I will expect you to participate.
I have lots of code samples and many of them actually work.
I will be expecting you to not just follow along but do coding yourself. Nothing says lovin’ like
something you code up yourself, so be prepared to do more than read. The Now It’s Your Turn
sections are specifically designed to make you do things that you have just read about. Read it, do it,
live it.
Nor are any of these topics what I would call hard. But they do require some practice to learn and
get comfortable with. Make sure you give yourself a healthy dose of playing with them.
Finally, this book is really meant for those of you who may feel that you are being left behind.
Naturally enough, many books, maybe most, are aimed at the people who are near the cutting edge.
Unfortunately, when we are talking about the IBM i technical base, I believe that for every IBM i
user who is on 7.whatever, there are three who are still on 5.4 or maybe even below. They do not
go to COMMON (no money), they do not get regular upgrades to their system (no commitment
from management), they drink mostly Miller or Bud (can’t explain that when Sam Adams and Fat
Tire are readily available almost everywhere), but they are still there, working on the i every day,
using it to support their business, toting that barge and liftin’ that bale.