I never had any interest in developing mobile apps. I used to believe strongly that it was the Web, or
nothing, that there was no need for more yet more applications to install on devices that are already
overflowing with apps. Then React Native happened. I was already writing React code for web
applications and loving it. It turns out that I wasn’t the only developer that balked at the idea of
maintaining several versions of the same app using different tooling, environments, and programming
languages. React Native was created out of a natural desire to take what works well from a web
development experience standpoint (React), and apply it to native app development. Native mobile apps
offer better user experiences than web browsers. It turns out I was wrong, we do need mobile apps for the
time being. But that’s okay, because React Native is a fantastic tool. This book is essentially my
experience as a React developer for the Web and as a less experienced mobile app developer. React
native is meant to be an easy transition for developers who already understand React for the Web. With
this book, you’ll learn the subtleties of doing React development in both environments. You’ll also learn
the conceptual theme of React, a simple rendering abstraction that can target anything. Today, it’s web
browsers and mobile devices. Tomorrow, it could be anything.