Simplicity is the shortest path to a solution. Meteor is a web development framework that simplifies
programming and once it is mastered, gives the developer the power to prototype applications in just a
few days and build a production app in just a few weeks. The simplicity of the framework makes
maintenance a breeze as well; reorganizing and renaming files will not break your code, code is easy to
keep in modules, and virtual environments are a thing of the past. The Meteor Development Group has
established the shortest path for web development by producing a feature-rich framework that takes all the
experience learned from other frameworks and packs it into Meteor.
While Meteor is simple because of the technical features it comes packed with, it is clear that the
framework will become the status quo because of how the team behind it works. Meteor is built by a team
that has been actively funded since the beginning of the project, unlike many open source frameworks such
as Ruby on Rails, Laravel, CakePHP, and others. This means that the people working towards building the
framework actually care about it. Yet, Meteor is an open source project with an active community that has
been improving the project constantly through packages or by patching the core code.