This book is for developers who want to learn the React library while learning the latest techniques
currently emerging in the JavaScript language. This is an exciting time to be a JavaScript developer. The
ecosystem is exploding with new tools, syntax, and best practices that promise to solve many of our
development problems. Our aim with this book is to organize these techniques, so you can get to work
with React right away. We’ll get into Redux, React Router, and build tooling, so we promise not to
introduce only the basics and then throw you to the wolves.
This book does not assume any knowledge of React at all. We’ll introduce all of React’s basics from
scratch. Similarly, we won’t assume that you’ve worked with ES6 or any of the latest JavaScript syntax.
This will be introduced in Chapter 2 as foundation for the rest of the chapters.
You’ll be better prepared for the contents of the book if you’re comfortable with HTML, CSS, and
JavaScript. It’s almost always best to be comfortable with these big three before diving into a JavaScript