Angular 2 is here, and we are super exited! This book allows us to reach out to you and lend a helping
hand in your quest to learn Angular 2.
While the growth of Angular 1 was organic, the same cannot be said about Angular 2. It rides on the
popularity of its predecessor and has already generated phenomenal interest among the developer
community. Everyone expects a super awesome future proof framework! And we believe Angular 2 has
taken steps in the right direction, which will make it the ubiquitous platform for web and mobile
If you are an Angular 1 developer, then there is loads of exciting stuff to learn, and for developers
getting started there is a whole new world to explore.
Getting started with Angular 2 can be overwhelming even for a seasoned Angular 1 developer. Too
many terms will be thrown at you, such as TypeScript, Transpiler, Shim, Observable, Immutable,
Modules, Exports, Decorators, Components, Web Component, Shadow DOM, and more. But relax! We
are trying to embrace the modern web and everything new here is to make our life easier. A number of
these concepts are not specific to Angular itself but highlight the direction in which web platform
development is moving. We will try our best to present these concepts in a clear and concise manner,
helping everyone understand how these pieces fit into this big ecosystem.
Learning by examples has its advantages; you immediately see the concept explained in action. This
book follows the same pattern as its predecessor. Using the Do It Yourself (DIY) approach, we build
multiple simple and complex applications using Angular 2.